Atta is a recognised Business Continuity Professional in Ghana with experience, knowledge and expertise in all the various stages of Business Continuity. Atta is currently the Country Business Continuity Manager for Barclays Ghana heading and leading the BCM/Disaster Recovery programme for Barclays Ghana. He has taken Barclays Ghana from not having a structured BCM programme to exercising the entire business units and all hosted critical applications. He has embedded BCM culture within the whole Barclays Ghana. He has successfully directed several continuity and recovery exercises at the banks WAR site. He has conducted countless BCM presentations/training across Barclays Ghana. Has experience in all stages of the BCM life cycle. Atta is an accredited BCM Trainer for Barclays Bank.
He is currently (arguably) the best business continuity professional in Ghana.

Atta is passionate about business continuity management and always ready to share his experience, expertise and knowledge with companies who want to establish BCM programmes/systems within their organisation.

Aside his current role, Atta has 28 years of working experience and background in consumer/retail banking operations, process engineering and project management. He has gained significant breadth of experience across these different operational situations.

Atta is a conference speaker and resource person. Recognised for his powerful and insightful presentations on BCM topics.

Motto: “Passion and Professionalism”


Business Continuity, Project Management, Risk Mangement, Operations Management, Banking Operations, Process Reengineering, Mentoring, Consultancy, Training & Education

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