About Attaconsult

Attaconsult takes pride in being able to deliver independent, flexible and cost-effective Business Continuity consultancy and training services using tried and tested methods aligned with best practice to ensure that the needs of our clients are fully met.

Attaconsult is wholly independent and as such clients can be sure that they are benefiting from our expertise, unencumbered by other allegiances.

We understand the need to tailor our approach to suit individual client needs and budget. We utilise the experience of our consultants to ensure that we adopt an approach for each project or assignment which is aligned with best practice and delivers the specific client’s objectives.

Whereas Attaconsult does not have the overheads of the large consultancy firms we employ consultants of the highest calibre, thus allowing us to provide similar or better services at a more competitive rate.

Tried and Tested Methods
Attaconsult works across all types of industry in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The experience gained from these projects and assignments arms us with the ability to meet the needs of our clients using methods which we have used successfully on similar occasions.

Appropriate project processes and best practice are followed at all times, as defined by the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines, ISO 22301 guidelines and other relevant standards.


Attaconsult was founded by Atta Hanson in 2009 as a specialist provider of business continuity management consultancy and training solutions. With his background in banking and risk management, Atta recognised that business continuity deserved to be seen as a discipline in its own right and set out to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of business continuity management.

Attaconsult is one of the foremost business continuity consultancies in the Ghana, with a team of highly experienced professionals who deliver pragmatic business continuity and training solutions across a wide range of organisations and sectors, using no an approach that is both cost effective and time efficient.

Our People

We have built a strong team of experienced, high calibre professionals who have facilitated business continuity and disaster recovery projects in the banking industry. The Attaconsult team brings together a complementary mix of abilities and proficiencies that are utilised to best effect in engaging with the client at every level.

Our consultants have facilitated series of business continuity discussions/ training and have produced an extensive library of documents and reference material. Rarely do we come across a challenge that has not been faced before and this wealth of experience ensures that our clients can minimise their project time and expenditure by taking advantage of the lessons learned during similar BCM projects.

Atta Hanson MBCI, CBCI

Atta is the Lead Consultant and Founder of Attaconsult

Prior to founding Attaconsult in 2009, Atta’s background was in banking, project management, risk management and business continuity gained whilst working for 25 years with Barclays Bank of Ghana Ltd.

Combining his considerable experience both as a skilled consultant and business continuity practitioner, Atta is often called upon to make presentations at Business Continuity conferences.

In addition to his considerable skills in business continuity management and IT disaster recovery, he is also a specialist in operational risk management.

Atta is a firm believer in the benefits of building resilience to failure throughout an organisation by implementing and maintaining effective business continuity management and he assists clients in achieving this through expanding their business continuity horizon to include a focus on risk management.
Atta spent most of his time in the financial services sector and is a recognised business continuity specialist in the banking industry.


Business Continuity Management

Complete Corporate Continuity (C3) Training Programme

Attaconsult through its Lead Consultant has designed and built a complete continuity training programme which is based on the knowledge and wealth of experience acquired over the years by Atta Hanson. This is now available as a training programme.

The Complete Corporate Training programme covers all components of the business continuity with 14 modules presented that build upon each other.

The entire life cycle is explored using case studies, classrooms classroom exercises and appropriate aids.

The modules included in the course are:

  • History and introduction of BCM
  • BCM drivers – international
  • BCM drivers – Local
  • BCM Lifecycle Synopsis & Processes
  • BCM Standards &  BCM Good Practice Guidelines
  • BCM Policy & Programme Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Analysis of critical activities
  • BCM strategies & Solutions
  • Developing BCM plans
  • IT Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Testing & Exercising
  • BCM Maintenance & Audit
  • Emergency Management & Planning

The objective of the course is to provide attendee with an understanding of the processes required to develop and maintain an effective business continuity programme.

The 5 day programme provide trainees with detailed study of the various elements of the business continuity management life cycle and best practice

Careers at Attaconsult

Attaconsult Business Continuity was established in 2009 and is a rapidly growing, niche business continuity consultancy based in Ghana.

Our experienced team of consultants are required to be dedicated and motivated individuals, as well as skilled communicators, who are committed to providing our clients with cost-effective and proven business continuity management solutions.

We know that there are people out there who have the same dedication and commitment and who would complement our team. You will need to have a proven track record in a similar position within a consultancy or large organisation and be prepared to include an element of business development within the role.

You may contact us via Attaconsult@gmail.com

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