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Have you ever searched for yourself online? If not, try it. Make sure you are logged out of all Goggle or other search engine accounts, clear your internet browser’s history and cookies then search your name online to see what comes up. Are you surprised by anything? Do you see things you would want your relatives, friends or future employer to see? If so, you’re in good shape. If not, you have some work to do to clean up your digital brand.

Online searches are becoming just as important as your credit report when it comes to your personal brand. When you apply for a credit card or any other credit facility, the bank or finance company is required to do a standard credit check. Likewise, when you apply for jobs, employers are looking at your digital brand to help determine whether you are a good fit for their organisation.

Don’t believe me? According to research 37% of employers are using social media to research job candidates. Facebook and Linkedin are the top two social media networks used by employers.

Cleaning Your Digital Brand

How can you clean up your digital brand? Start now. Be conscious of the type of things you post on social media networks and who might see them. No matter whether your profile is public or private, posts can be found. So keep it clean. ‘’Keeping it clean”” means not using provocative photos or language, not demonstrating bad communication skills and not defaming your own character. If you want to tidy up your social media profiles, start with your photo and work your way through status update. What you post can say a lot about you, and you always want to put your best foot forward. Some posting and status updates can come off very wrong to potential employers if they are browsing your timeline.

Growth of Social Media

Social net works are growing every day. According to recent research social networks and blogs now account for nearly a quarter of the time that people spend on the internet. With the internet’s rapid growth, protecting your digital brand is becoming a critical part of building your reputation. With a few keystrokes, anyone can find out where you live, where you are from and view anything you have on your twitter, facebook, or linkedin profile.

I don’t mean to take the fun out of expressing yourself on social media, but when you’re posting your next photo or status update, ask yourself, “How would I explain this to my boss, my friends, my relatives?’’

Keep the fun in your expression online but watch what you post as it forms part of your digital brand.

Adapted: NSBE