A triumph of sheer will

On 24th of April 2012, Chelsea played against Lionel Messi and Barcelona – the then best team in the world. Yet somehow, against all the odds, logic, expectation, the form book, the coaching manuals, Chelsea produced a stunning rear guard defensive display to draw 2-2 and made it the Champions League final.

Oh, what a night! It was all stacked against the Blues but they forged a memorable victory.

Chelsea did the impossible: they pulled off something new under the sun, something never seen before, a rearguard action of heroic dimensions.

Stuff purism; this was one of the great nights, simply because it was about more than just beauty and technique. It was about bravery, determination, a refusal to bow, a triumph of sheer will. It was Chelsea’s destiny to leave Catalonia defeated, as most teams do. They changed the narrative; they made this happen, somehow.

Think of the concentration, think of the resolve. It was at the lowest point, two goals and a man down. Then consider that, from there, Chelsea drew the game 2-2.

Sometimes there come some games along that are impervious to common sense.  This is one of them.

Why did Chelsea qualify to reach the finals in Munich? Because they really, really wanted to. This is a testament to an outstanding group with determination to succeed.

We can all learn from Chelsea. When they were 2 goals down, they never complained, nor felt sorry for them selves nor accepted their situation as being the weaker team playing against the best team in the world. They looked forward to the challenge of making things right-jumping over the hurdle of Barcelona and being at Munich for the finals. This they achieved through bravely, determination and a refusal to bow – a triumph of sheer will

Teams can attain phenomenal success in business or achieve great things  if they can choose to view setbacks as ‘body blows’ and not as ‘knocked outs’ or view it is as stepping stones.

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