BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT has published a new book titled Business Continuity Management Systems – Implementation and Certification to ISO 22301. It was authored by Hilary Estall, a respected authority on management systems standards.

The book is targeted at BCM professionals & teams in the following situations:

  •  Your organisation is seeking formal certification to ISO 22301.
  • Your organisation is seeking alignment to ISO 22301.
  • Your organisation is considering whether to become certified and wishes to understand what is involved before committing resource.
  • Your organisation is working towards, or has already achieved, certification to BS 25999-2 and wishes to understand what is involved in moving from one standard to another.
  • You wish to develop your own understanding of what is required to implement an effective BCMS.
  • You are looking for a practical support mechanism to guide you through the implementation stages of your BCMS.

The book is set out in four parts. Two focus on management systems themselves and the certification process, and the remaining two look at BCM and the requirements of ISO 22301.

If you just want to know more about ISO 22301, I suggest this is the first (and perhaps only) book you need to read. If you are going further and want to become an ISO 22301 certified company then it gives you the route, the dangers, the tips and the confidence to succeed.

…. Lyndon Bird FBCI Technical Development Director at the Business Continuity Institute (

Please if you want to know more about the book or browse the contents please log unto BCS site (

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