More often than not, Christian businessmen or professionals seem to operate in two separate worlds; a deeply personal, private, spiritual world and a very public, demanding, competitive business world. For most part, these two worlds clash in their values, beliefs, and principles, and Christian are caught in the middle. This dilemma commonly presents itself as an internal struggle between right and wrong.

If you trust in God’s principles, you must have the courage to live by them. Biblical principles and bottom-line success are not opposites. Yes, Christians can do what’s right and be successful. Yes, they can be both ethical and profitable. And yes, they can honor God, serve others, and fulfill their professional obligations.

God did not call Christians to be victims of circumstances. God calls Christians to grow closer to Him by courageously working through their dilemmas. He wants Christian to prosper, to be valuable leaders, and to serve as models to help others.

When Christians integrate Gods principles with their unique talents, skills, and character, they create powerful partnership for being successful in the world without becoming of the world.

God’s wisdom, their spiritual core, is the source of strength, purpose, and direction. God’s wisdom, their spiritual core also serves as a balance to their skills and abilities. The Christian character is the aggregate sum of who they are as they courageously follow through and do what’s right over time. Their overall productivity is the legacy they leave behind.

Like diamonds, godly leaders should brilliantly reflect God’s nature in all circumstances and shine brightly in the toughest times.

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