Great leaders are best found during crisis. We only need to think Churchill, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and we could name many, many more – all found in the time of greatest need.

Yet the world is experiencing one of the longest and most difficult global downturns in living memory, yet we are struggling to find, those inspiring and visionary leaders who will lead us out of the dark times and back towards recovery.

The world needs a great leader now. Who will be the world next great leader? Where is he/she coming from? When will he show up?

If we ever needed a strong leader for this world, we need one now, but the issue is we only need to look along the front benches of the political world power houses and I have to say we are not spoilt for leadership talent.

America ditched Mitt Romney and made it bet on Obama. UK is still struggling with to have a natural leader from a 3 man team of Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and a faltering David Cameron.

Germany and Europe are banking their hopes on Angela Merkel. Russian has gone back for Putin. Is there a natural, inspiring, visionary leader in the roll call?

Maybe we have to turn our searchlight to the world of sports, or perhaps the religious world can also give us a leader. Let me hear your views?

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