A few things to think about:

• Many of us have hobbies, knowledge, and experiences that can be turned into something useful in the marketplace. Give this some comprehensive thought. You probably have talents that could be further developed to create a career.

• Be proactive. Don’t be passive or fearful. Just taking the next step can get you to better and even great places. Start today.

• Be objective and strive to be your own counselor. Listen to others, but know the final decision is yours and hold yourself responsible. That in itself is empowering.

• If you haven’t given history enough attention, start doing so today. Realize you are in a pivotal time in history, and see it as a challenge as well as an opportunity.

• Each of us has a different route to our destiny and challenges are part of that path.

• Keep your self-image strong and intact by defining yourself in the best way possible—every day, no matter what the circumstances might be.

• Know from the inside out that you have the power to succeed and you will. That’s taking control. Your creative capital might be waiting to be discovered.

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